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Drunk LP strikes again.

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aw yiss

im cute as heckie

New Hatsune Miku modules featured in Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone!


When your homies are on to you

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who wants to play with me and teach me combos

What server do you play on(KR,NA ect.) what lvl are you and what character are you playing?


i play on solace, im level 33 and i play add

lol is everything…

Alright. How late are you staying on tonight? I don’t mind getting on to try and help you out some. also what did you have in mind to try and learn combos?

well its pretty early where i am right now

like its 11am so i have all day

also i figured id just learn like

xz combos with the arrows as well as what skills go good together n stuff

wow Its 9:30 pm for me so I hope your on NA. Cause like I said I can’t help unless were on the same version of the game. are you on right now? if you are what channel are you on. I normally get on Elder 6. also whats your Name in game?

im on now

im on elder5 and my name is xNoizu